Phnom Penh Portrait Photography- Yuki & Kylie Cute Couple Shoot

Kylie & Yuki – Couple Shoot Phnom Penh, Cambodia

What do you do when one of your great mates moves away to the countryside of Siem Reap? You of course do a couple shoot to say goodbye.

My hubby & I have known Kylie & Yuki for a few years now & just adore these guys.

We will miss them greatly but know they are moving onto bigger, better adventures.

After we first met Kylie & Yuki they said that they actually never had a proper photographer for their wedding. They had never had professional shoot. So I knew one day we would make this happen.

Locations spotting

So of course down to the last week before they left Phnom Penh we squeezed in a shoot. They didn’t know where they wanted their shoot so I went on the scout. Cambodia has so many fabulous locations, but thinking about traffic, trying to dodge garbage -its a city I found a spot not far from their house. A little field with tiny flowers that would glisten in the sun & then a second location just a bare paddock with some gorgeous grass, textures & a place to  to capture the sunset.

Thanks guys for trusting me & having so much fun. I had a huge smile as I was editing these pics. Your just such a fun, cute couple.

Cant wait to catch-up with you guys soon in Siem Reap

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Quirindi Family Portrait – Tetley Family

This week I travelled to a gorgeous farm just outside of Quirindi to the Tetley Family.

Rikki has been wanting a family portrait for a while now & after seeing a few of her friends on facebook had used me, she managed to get my last spot available before I go back to Cambodia next week.

Will bought this shoot as a present for his wife Rikki, perfect Hubby award!

So as soon as I arrived I went & checked out the farm, with too many amazing locations.

The whole family also has horses so we had a few pics with them as well.

Lisa-Rae & Maddison were such cute, friendly kids who just got involved. Showing me all the great things on the farm. I just love the photos of them hangout around the dam throwing sticks..just what country kids do.

There is too many amazing pics too choose from. So good luck picking a fav Rikki!!

cheers Karissa xx

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Uralla Family Portrait – Power Family Portrait

The Power Family have been itching to have their family portrait done for sometime. So last time I was home we organised for next time we came home.

I have known the Power family for year & have been good friends of mine. So when Keana said he family had never had a natural family portrait outside, we set about thinking about locations, & clothing etc.

Gostwyck Church 

We chose a few locations, but knew we wanted a few at Gostwyck. Not at the church so much. But the beautiful trees & gorgeous green paddocks. This time of year is just stunning with the white daisies filling the paddock..

Uralla has so many stunning locations, with a few Tamworth families choosing to drive up the hill.

Thanks guys for asking & trusting me with your family portrait.

Your 4 kids, Elijah,  Alana, Bridie, Noah were so easy to shoot. Just love the shots of them running through the fields.

I cant wait till I see your walls in your house with some of these gorgeous pictures lining your walls.

Cheers Karissa xx

Gostwyck Urallapaper daisy white fields


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Uralla Family Portrait- Mayes Family

Last week was the Mayes’ family portrait. Rowena & Tim are good friends of ours, she messaged me when she found out I was coming back saying they wanted a family portrait to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

Rowena  chose the location for her shoot. She said she drives past this spot on Barley Fields Road Uralla every afternoon on her way home from work.The sunset, the old railway house  & the long grass. I agree just stunning!

The boys ( like most males) aren’t fans of photos but after the first few  they got into it. When they had enough & the light was still magical Joely & Rowena & I just played around. Getting some amazing pics!!

Joely barleyfields road urallarailway uralla barley fields houselooking to the future in urallabarley fields road mayes family portraitbrother & sister family portrait urallamayes family portrait uralla


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Tamworth Engagement Photography- Joel & Jasmine

A few weeks ago I caught up with Joel & Jasmine to photograph their engagement/baby bump.

Ive known Jasmine for many years, I even photographed Jasmine two other boys when they were just babies.

It amazing how people lives change & turn out- for Jasmine the better when she met Joel. It is so nice Jasmine has found someone who just adores her, but that she will be marrying her best-friend. When I photographed these two I just could feel their connection, love & respect they had for each other.

Jasmine & Joel were happy to let me choose a location close to town in Tamowrth. So with the perfect couple, perfect location & perfect light I knew this shoot would be amazing!!

Thanks guys for such a great afternoon. All the best with the new bub next year!! Hope you love your pics!

Cheers Karissa xx


Tamworth engagament photography


Tamworth portraitTamworth pregnancy photographer




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Tamworth Power House Wedding -Natasha & Justin

Natasha & Justin chose The Powerhouse for their wedding. They knew they wanted an outdoor ceremony that was stunning but had a relaxed feel. So when they found the back garden at the Power House they knew it was for them.

To go with their relaxed style of wedding they chose Vanessa   as their celebrant. For those looking for a fun, super relaxed celebrant Vanessa is your girl. She was simply amazing. She spoke well but involved the couple.

Natasha’s sister/matron of honour  was Katie from Love Story Photography. Katie is a good friend of mine, we have shot together a few times &  is also an amazing photographer. She helped Natasha plan her day knowing all the services & contacts in Tamworth to help plan your wedding.

When the girls walked down the isle at The Power House they did it so perfectly. Just walking down normally, saying hello to all their friends & family. Just looked so natural!!

I just loved this idea so relaxed & so friendly…definitely so stiff isle walk here.

Justin & Tash had three wedding cars that they wanted featured in a lot of their photos for the day. Justin’s good friend  drove his Chevrolet all the way down from Toowoomba. Tash also wanted her grandmothers two cars as well in the photos. They looked so awesome!!

We chose two locations close to the powerhouse for photos. The sun was replaced by clouds by the time we finished family photos…but we did miss the big storm that hit just after the reception started.

Thank you Tash & Justin for such a wonderful day.

Cheers Karissa xx



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Wallabadah Family Portrait/Pregnancy Photography – Matt +Ellen+Rosie+Roy

Wallabadah Pregnancy Photography Matt + Ellen +Rosie +Roy

Matt & Ellen are due to have there 3rd baby any day now. Its going to be a surprise but I do know that this will be one cute kid!
I have photographed Matt & Ellen’s wedding, all their babies pregnancy shoot, & baby shots.

I just love how Matt & Ellen get me back for the most important moments, I get to catchup & see their gorgeous family grow! I also love to see the kids change but also their little personalities develop.

Matt & Ellen never get me back for newborn photos which I totally love . They think alot of newborns look the same whereas they like to wait till bub is over 6 months old, has their own little personality, stronger neck etc then spend their money on professional photos. Great idea guys! I tend to agree.

Matt & Ellen live in amazing little house in Wallabadah with their own horses around them, hills, yes its stunning. So we never go to far when we shoot.
Matt & Ellen, two kids Rosie & Roy are just a blast to hang-around, always so talkative, polite,  a lot of fun, ready go on adventures & so happy to geta bit dusty& dirty !! YEH!!

Cant wait to meet baby 3 but in the mean time I hope you all love your pregnancy pics!!
You all look stunning!!
I did message Ellen saying I think her babies will be super-models- they have all the looks…love it…as well as natural, laughing shots.

Thanks again guys xx



























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Quirindi Family Portrait- Emily + Charlie

Last Sunday I visited Quirindi, & a little family farm near Quipolly on the outskirts of Quirindi.

I first met Emily through heartfelt in October 2014 when sadly her twin boys, Andrew & Eric past away before they were born.  Just two perfect little babies born sleeping.

So we incorporated a few pictures with the boys.

Since then Emily & her partner have had a little girl, Charlie. So when Emily contacted me about a shoot I was so happy for her.


The other amazing thing about this shoot was Emily wanted the shoot on her families property that has just recently sold. She told me of living on her families property, all the amazing things “country kids get up to in the bush”. She spoke of this place with a twinkle in her eye. We explored around the property & she showed me the house she grew up in. This place was AMAZING!! Just see below! Her dad turned up for support not thinking he’d be in any photos…but I talked him into a few.

Emily’s sister Alice also came for a few photos. I just love sisters together in a shot, so  inside the old family home made it even more special

I contacted Emily this morning saying her pictures were nearly ready but she told me how special the photos are now to her family, the family dog in this pictures died on the weekend because he was so old.

Thanks again Emily…I’m simply in-love with the location you chose, the photos are stunning!!

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Tamworth Family Photographer – Scott + AMANDA +ELLA

Amanda+ Scott + Ella Tamworth Photoshoot

Last week when I flew back into Tamworth, I caught up with Scott & Amanda & now the newest addition, Ella.

I always love it meeting old clients again. After photographing their Tamworth Wedding a few years ago, I was so happy when Amanda contacted me for an updated family photoshoot for 3.

Amanda & Scott live on a few acres so having them right at home. Which is always perfect.
Tamworth has been is such a bad drought but having no green grass still made for an amazing photoshoot. There property was stunning.

What made this shoot truly special was, Amanda’s mum gave them a gift when Amanda & Scott were about to be parents. Yes a photoshoot.

Sadly Amanda lost her mum not too long ago, so having a gift like this is so incredible. Memories last forever & I think it is so sweet to think every time Amanda looks at these photos she knows they are from her dear Mum.

So may people think the perfect children’s photo is one of them smiling. I kinda disagree. I just love Ella’s facial expressions. No she’s not smiling in some of them, but it shows her cute, funny, adventurous personality.

Amanda & Scott it was so lovely seeing you again. Having a chance to meet Ella was such a delight. Thank you so, so much

Cheers Karissa xx



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Tim & Jess- Couple Session- Hunter Valley

I was so happy to finally photograph Tim & Jess. We had been talking about it when I was to be in Newcastle next.

So Jess & Tim live in Maitland not far from the Hunter Valley NSW, so when they said they wanted their couple shoot there I knew this would be amazing.

Jess & Tim have been married for 13  years. I think its so special, so nice for a couple to do a shoot together. Yes their wedding day has come & gone but I could definitely see these two are best mates & just love being with each other. So why not capture that…Yes I love doing couple shoots!  To be with Tim & Jess & see how they laughed with each other & responded to each other was so special.

Thanks Jess & Tim it was so nice to catchup. This  shoot felt more like catch-up then a photo shoot. Yes, that’s how easy you guys were to be around. Thank you again

& don’t you just LOVE Jess’s dress!!

Cheers Karissa xx

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