Ellie & Ben’s Peterson’s Winery Wedding

Back in March this year I photographed Elli & Ben’s wedding at the ever stunning, ever popular Petersons Winery. I just adore this location. old heritage building, vintage furniture, stunning gardens & endless locations for photography.

Elli & Ben are from my home town of Wee Waa so it was so lovely to see a few familiar faces amongst their guests.

Elli & Ben were such a relaxed, fun, lovely couple, you could tell they got these qualities from their amazing family, whom they were very close too.

I loved how all the boys went to the barber for a shave, just makes fabulous photos. Elli & her girls & her mum got ready at Peterson’s, so perfect so easy. with the vintage interior, gorgeous lighting it also made stunning pictures as always.

It was such a perfect day. Thanks guys for asking me to be apart of it.

Cheers Karissa

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Thary & Ra- Phnom Penh Wedding Photography

So this is my first official Traditional Cambodian Wedding, with all is colors & glory. I just loved the differences compared to a western wedding. It definitely kept me on my toes & had me thinking alot throughout the day.

It also answered many questions such as why most Asian weddings do their wedding photos before the big day. We didn’t which I think made it more special but we did have to fit into our tight schedule, 5 outfit changes. The color & bling with all those outfit changes was amazing! I just loved it! But with the outfit changes for the bride & groom, the parents changed sometimes as well & oh complete make-up & hair changes for every outfit…yes WOW!! Thary & Ra definitely were so busy for their big day!

This was such a beautiful day with all of Thary & Ra’s closets family friends. I just adored everyone. They were all so friendly & happy to help out so much!! Thary & Ra had so many close friends help out with the flowers, ring cushions, singing, music so everything went so perfectly!

On the way to the ceremony we noticed this beautiful field of sunflowers, we only had a few minutes on the way to back to the reception as we had another outfit change but knew we had to stop. I just think Thary & Ra look so amazing in that light.

This whole experience was amazing! Thary & Ra knew I wouldn’t be a traditional Cambodian wedding photographer  rather a relaxed photographer who wanted to capture them as a couple together, mixed in with a bit of their culture. So I am just so thrilled to show you just a few photos.

Thanks again Thary & Ra for being such great friends to Tucky & I. We love you to bits. Thanks for a fabulous day & letting us be apart of it. Have a great honeymoon!

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Kayla & Alex— London Wedding Photography

Kayla & Alex were married in September in London. Yes I was lucky enough to be flown across the other side of the world to photograph this gorgeous, amazing, fabulous couples wedding.

Everything about this wedding was stunning & super fun. Kayla & Alex are the type of couple where their friends & family are everything & them having an amazing time at their wedding was so important.

Kayla & Alex chose the South Place Hotel in the heart of London for their amazing reception. A cocktail wedding with everyone mingling & chatting to each other.

This would have to be one of the best weddings I have been to.

From the signature cocktails, this amazing hotel, fabulous warm speeches,

to a champagne tower instead of a cake- what a fabulous idea!! & delicious food that didn’t stop coming.

This was certainly an amazing wedding to be apart of & to photograph.

London traffic was a nightmare so our shooting time was cut from 1.5 hours to just 20 minutes. I think you cant tell. This couple loved every minute as well as their bridal party!!

Yes if all London/British weddings are like this…IM SOLD.

Thanks again Kayla & Alex…you guys truly are the best!!



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The story of 13 years of lost blog posts

So at the end of 2017 I was told my site had been hacked & I had lost 13 years of amazing client blog posts.

All their stories but not their images.( they are secured in the Karissa Tuckwell photo vault).

So over the next few months I will endevour to repost some of these amazing pictures & posts. Of course I will not remember all the amazing little things that happened at a wedding 7 years ago but believe it or not I still remember every single couple.

Yes I was absolutely devestated but everything has a positive right?

It sure does. For all those couples that still follow me but they are nolonger together. This is a sad fact but its true. So if that is you…you are nolonger out there on my blog. You have a fresh blog beginning!! New photos, new family photos?

But if you would love to be part of my blog again as you just adore your photos. Simply email me & I promise they will go back up. If you would love to right a testimonial also for your photos to be featured on my website…please PLEASE message me!! I would LOVE to hear from you!!

Here is to the future of new blogs, new photos but also amazing old memories/blogs that will resurface again!!

Tamworth family photographer


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