I know I don’t make it a habit putting lots of personal stuff on my blog. But Saturday night my best mates Norma(my bridesmaid for my wedding) & Megs put on a fab anniversary Party for me & my hubby Tucky(Peter).& they excelled themselves LOTS

Most of our closest mates were there & we had a blast catching up with mates we hadn’t seen for ages.Sometimes you forget how many people you know & care about & forget how many people are instrumental in making our life so happy & fun.

They hired a new D.J in town Jo Lavelle- www.jolavelle.com.au. we met her at the all seasons bridal expo earlier this year & knew from the start she was the one. Very personal & very intuitive. Please let me know if you need a DJ for your wedding-fabulous!!!

 We held it at The Tamworth Golf & as usual the  food was amazing.

Megs made the cake which totally blew me away the first time she ever made a cake like this…look out Tamworth I think we have another cake decorator….

We did a “Crazy Booth” which was so fun. Looking back at all these pics I had the biggest Cack! Crazy-Booths are huge in the USA & slowly alot of photographers in Australia are catching on SO I had to also give it a go. What fun!!! A huge 5 star. No I wont being including this in my packages (due to the amount of slideshow I do at receptions Im too flat out at receptions as it is).

 No I wasn’t on the crazy booth all night thanks to all my mates who picked up the camera & took most of these.

For all my mates who attended & want a copy of any of these shot please email & I can email you shots back or send you a disc.

My email is www.karissa@imagephotography.com.au

Why not LEAVE A COMMENT if you attended or if you like our “crazy”pics!!!!

For the “NICE” pics first




Now for the “PROPS”. I think we all had tooo much fun!!! Its amazing what a disguise/props does to a person….heheheh